Monday, July 20, 2009


What’s up with these Avon watches?

After writing my last watch review, I really wanted to say something nice, I’m sitting here trying my best to twist my head around this watch and come up with some witty and unique comment that wraps up its essence and remarks upon it’s good qualities without completely destroying its reptilian reputation—but I can’t.

My Mother-in-law—who obviously thinks she is the lizard king or perhaps the reincarnation of Medusa--ordered this watch, the Gruen snake print watch in natural, with a friend, because they were buy one get one free. So for $34.99, she and her friend can both wear garish and chunky, oversized and badly-painted fake snakeskin watches with glitter numbers so large the golden girls don’t need their reading glasses to see them.

In fact, the dashes in-between the numbers are so large that they interfere with reading it because the dashes look like number 1’s.
Ok but why am I doing a review for something that my mother in-law purchased? Because yesterday she gave me a present… But then I realized, wait a minute I know this packaging!
And there it was… Snakes on a Watch! The watch she wanted soooooo bad. Given to me!

Honestly, I think I would rather wear this snakeskin watch band.

Why does Avon have to make those watch faces so big? Just like my last big fat ugly watch, and even my fellow Avon saleswoman, Kristen Mcilrath agreed—The watch faces are too BIG!

I almost broke my wrist trying to lift this watch off the table.

The result is that it doesn’t look like a woman’s watch more like one for men. It’s accentuated by the “fancy” snake print band that looks like a 3rd grader drew it while stuck in the house on a rainy Sunday afternoon. And it looks even funnier because the band is thin and delicate and then it attaches to this gi-normous watch face--there is no balance at all.

Place your eyes on the intricate and painstaking quality of this snakeskin… wow…

Not only does the face look like a man’s watch, but it also has those weird plastic bumps, all around the face—like it’s a dial or something. I don’t even know why they would do that, it’s not changing anything and you can’t turn it.

But one last thing, there is something good about this watch-- it came with directions.

The sticker said remove, and that’s exactly what I did.

Well overall this watch is odd looking cause of its girly but yet manly look, but it is still acceptable. Let’s see how the next watch will look like.

How do they say? All good things are 3, right?

Have a great night,
Let me know what you guys think.

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  1. Oh my gosh! You are so FUNNY!
    I LOVE your writing style!
    and I have to agree,
    that watch IS UGLY.

    I do find myself recommending to my customers that they NOT buy the watches because they are so Obnoxious...

    You are the best!
    I LOVE your reviews!
    Keep up the HONEST / GREAT work!