Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Clean Freaks!!

Could this be the end of your searching?

Alright, I figured there is definitely a lack of Mark product reviews on my blog, so I figured I should buy some mark products and give you the scoop on their quality.

First off, for those who don’t know what “Mark” is.

Mark. is the daughter company of Avon featuring, for young woman and woman that still feel or want to feel young—in my experience more people order from Mark than anything else.

The Mark website says, mark is a network of young women who sell first-to-market, exclusive products-a stylish mix of makeup, skin and body care, unique fragrances and a trend-setting array of accessories. mark is a unique and unprecedented earnings opportunity.“

Notice they don’t mention Avon—they never once mention Avon in any of the web copy either... yeah, i know it says“ Copyright © 2009 Avon Products, Inc.“ At the bottom of the page, but that’s not really the same thing. I find it weird... in like a secretive misleading way, But anyway...

I opened the Mark catalogue and immediately wanted everything I saw!

The catalogue is thin. There aren’t a lot of products but the little amount of products that they offer are totally awesome--I want it all. The fashion looks so much cooler than what you would expect from Avon. A friend bought a dark blue dress the other day and it’s so adorable!

I ended up buying a cleanser for my skin and some other products that I will review another time—hehe.

The cleanser I bought was the “That’s Deep – Purifying Gel Cleanser“: with sugar maple and black willow bark” from the “Super Fruits and Super Foods” line.

When I got the cleanser two-weeks ago I was very happy about the appearance—I’m a sucker for packaging and the whole packaging looks simple and clean—Very modern. It looks very girly, like something you would see in a beauty salon--I don’t have to hide it. Finally something I can leave right with my other pretty looking packages on the sink. That’s an honor! hehe. (my husband really appreciates that— hey, it looks better than his shaving cream!)

Quick product Info:

The “That’s Deep – Purifying Gel Cleanser” is a fresh, soap free cleanser that washes away pore clogging make-up, dirt and oil without stripping away moisture.

I’ll be the Judge of That!

I’ve used the cleanser for almost two weeks now and I have to say that I am satisfied with it--not blown away, but it is a pretty good product.

Its smell isn’t too intense--not as strong as most of its competition. I actually felt safe that it was not going to burn when I applied it.

Sometimes the strong smell of cleansers makes me scared—like when they smell like poison, they can sometimes burn my skin.

It made my skin soft, but after a week and a half, I broke out and I was not very happy about it. One thing that I love about my skin is that I really rarely get pimples, I think I could even count the amount of pimples I had in my life. It must be under 10. So it was kinda weird when I found this pimple right there over my lip (very attractive). It could be a coincidence, I heard that sometimes when you use a new cleanser you can like get pimples, so I’m gonna let that slide for now.

Anyway besides that I am happy with this product and I will keep using it as long as I don’t continue to break out. Because I really like the other side effects of this product--It didn’t dry my skin out and It was all soft and just seemed full of energy.

Which of the “Super Fruits and Super Foods” is Good For You?

If… Your skin needs a PICK-ME-UP and your makeup needs a touch up


Mist Opportunity”- Multi-Task Refresher - Kiwi + Grapefruit for $8

If… You are a total Clean Freak (Like me)


That’s Deep” – Purifying Gel Cleanser – Sugar Maple + Black Willow Bark for $7

If… you are looking for your COMFORT zone


Calming effect” – Comforting Milk Cleanser – Banana + Oat for $7

If…You want a plan of attack for tackling the rough spots


Berry Grand” – Super exfoliating Beads – Cranberry + Pomegranate for $9

If… You crave a polished approach for combating dryness


Go with the Grain” – Exfoliating Beads – Adzuki bean + Rice bran for $9

If… You are getting the blues because your skin has the blahs


See things clearly” – Brightening Moisturizer – Lemon + Orange + Lotus Flower for $15

Well that’s it for now.

Have a wonderful evening

See ya



  1. omg i finally found a site that I can comment on avon/mark products...i love the products but sometimes avon makes those changes to their products that gets us disappointed.
    This cleanser disappointed me lol.
    I used to love it last september...i would get this incredibly clean and energized feeling when using it...a true gel cleanser.

    And then...i guess cuz of tough economic times, they've watered down the skincare the cleanser is all watery and doesn't clean my skin right and i also use For Goodness Face and its more watery, too...even though that didnt bother me much...except when i try to use it and it squirts in my face but besides complaints yet lol...keep posting and i'll be sure to the blog
    Loeny =]

  2. I wish I would have tried it last year, then maybe I would have been
    more satisfied! - hehe.

    I hate it when they change products to the worse. It sucks when my favorite product doesn't work like it used to. :(

    Thank you for your Comment! Happy you like the blog :D