Thursday, July 16, 2009

All That Glitters is not Gold

I ordered some cute sandals for my mother-in-law-- The gold faux lizard sandals to be exact. They looked beautiful in the catalogue and my mother in law just had to have them. And as much as I’m not really into the whole “gold” thing—too gaudy & too flashy for me—when she tried them on they did look pretty adorable on her feet.

They’re pretty in a “I-just-stepped-on-a-gold-snake” kinda way, and they have a cute strap with rhinestones across the ankle that’s super cute. The sole is made with a great skid-resistant rubber crepe that you don’t usually see on a sandal.

But after she put them on she went to clasp them and realized they were broken. The tongue that sticks into the hole on the strap and holds the shoe tight was defective—it wasn’t like it was

broken, it was never there to begin with—here’s a picture.

So now I have to ship them back. I set it up to receive a replacement because my mother-in-law loves them so much. I put them back into the Avon box that they came in and printed out the Shipping list--once for me and once to put in the box. So far it says that the shipping will be for free-- it better be! I did nothing wrong, the product came defective. It would be pretty messed up if they force me to pay the postage for this replacement. I just brought the package over to the UPS store—I’ll let you know what happens.

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