Thursday, December 22, 2011


Two Years ago, when I still sold Avon, I was always curious what the “Avon Beauty Book: Face” had to offer. I looked it up online and never found any description or information on this item, so I decided to make your life easier and upload the 2008 Version of it right here for you to download.

Simply click HERE and you will be able to download it; it is a pretty big file so it might take a few minutes.

I am not sure if there is a newer version out there but I still hope it will help you decide if you actually want to purchase this.

MY OPINION: The Avon Beauty Book: Face has very basic information about make-up and a lot of it is simply advertising. If you already have knowledge in how to apply make-up then this will be pretty much of no use. But for everybody that just started their business in the make-up department might enjoy and learn from this book.

Enjoy & Please leave a comment when you download <3


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Need a break from your hard work?

I decided to start a second blog called “The Dotty Cake” and if you feel like reading something NOT work related then feel free to check it out. It is like a diary with random information about random stuff and other nonsense. Hope you will check it out and stay tuned for my following posts.

~ Lara

Posts in Production:

Avon Tools Part 2

Avon Beauty: Face – Book

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Avon Tools Part I

College break is coming soon and I figured to make up for my absence I would give you a little treat for the next few weeks until I can actually dedicate my time to writing my beloved blog. Anyway, I have included a link where you can download some of my favorite print-outs for your Avon business.

Some I made, some I found on websites.

Here is a list:

-Labels--perfect for labeling your catalogs. They are formatted for the “Avery Easy Peel White address Labels” that are available at Wal-Mart.

-A variety of different coupons

-Avon Dollars

-The Anew Shopper Card

I hope it will help you with your business and that it gets you some happy costumers. I have a lot of projects planned which include a scanned copy of the Avon Beauty Book:Face, and I will keep updating this blog once I have off from college.

PS: Once you clicked the link make sure you click the right download button and not one of the advertisements.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Boost your Sales

with Michelle’s great Avon/Mark business bags

I recently found an Avon representative that makes bags that can help you increase your sales drastically, and I thought I would share her work with you.

They are HANDMADE with a see-thru pocket in the front, which yo

u can use to show off the newest Avon/Mark Brochure. The bags have a lot of space and come in many cute designs. There are a variety of headlines on the front of each and custom linings for the inside of each bag to personalize it to your own style. Enough talking here are some pictures:

Each bag cost $40 + Shipping, which to me sounds like a fair price considering they are handmade and excellent quality.

To check out the different choices and to contact Michelle for more information/Pictures click here

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An offer you can't refuse!

First, I wanted to explain that the reason for my lack of updates. I left America! Haha, I have been on an extended holiday in Europe visitng family and friends, so I had to stop selling AVON for a while. BUT, I miss it too much to stop!!

So, to make-up (get it? Make-up?) to all the AVON reps who have continued to visit this site and have been emailing me throughout this extended break, I would like to offer free placement on this blog to the first 5 people that respond, So if anyone would like to advertise their AVON shop here, send me a email and I’ll share my traffic with you while I’m away.

If you’re interested, email me at :
Make sure to include, your name the link to your shop!
Also, If you would rather have a banner linking to your shop or recruiting link,make sure to include it in your email.

This website is very well visited and even has the top google slot for a few searches, so hurry up and get yourself listed for free!!!
If you would like to advertise after the 5 free slots are taken, I am offering an incredible offer—email me for details.
Thanks for reading and after this long holiday I will continues with ideas reviews and more.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

BlackBerry! The Phone for your Business…

If you are having trouble organizing your Avon business with your regular cell phone you should definitely think about getting a Blackberry. The Blackberry is a Smartphone that can do almost everything. I decided to make an Avon Group with the Blackberry messenger so that Avon representatives can chat with other Avon representatives anytime. If you own a blackberry scan this barcode with your Blackberry messenger feature and join our Avon group. If you need an answer asap just text us via the messenger and we will try our best to help you.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Avon Reps Make

5. Classified Ads (Craigslist, etc)

This was once a good place to advertise your business and whatever else you have to advertise. But unless you want to be bothered day and night by scammers you really need to stay away from craigslist. The more popular the internet classified the larger the number of people trying to take advantage of you. Every time I post on craigslist I get at least 10 scam/spam emails. But it’s free, and in that way it’s almost worth it, however since I have never made a sale from craigslist—I don’t actually break even since I’m putting my time into creating interesting posts. But one sale would make it all worth it, so it’s really not bad. Plus there’s tons of other online classifieds that you can advertise on—however it’s kinda like rolling an Avon catalog into a bottle and throwing it into the ocean…

4. Car Advertisements

I had to beg my husband to put one of those car magnets on our car. Avon advantage sells 2 for $57.95 plus shipping it’s almost $70—ouch! if you really feel the need to advertise this way Vista print sells 1 for free you just pay $6.15 for shipping or 2 for $7.99 plus shipping for a total of $14.14.

I got the one free from Vista print. My problem with car magnets is that I did not have enough customers to make it worth driving with a silly magnet on the car. I live in Florida and I have to drive a lot, but I have only received 4-5 calls in almost 5 months and from that, I only received 2 orders—the orders did earn me enough to pay for the vistaprint sign, so I’m at least ahead.

I think the problem is that most of the time people are driving when they see you. So they can’t really pop out their cell phone or concentrate on my sign long enough to remember the number or write the number down. While you’re parked at the grocery store or walmart is the best time for potential customers to notice you, it just doesn’t happen enough to really praise this idea. Car magnets aren’t really the best investment, you see them yourself all the time, and you just ignore them, but since there’s no reoccurring bills—they’re not the worst way, just not the best.

3. Wearing Avon products

I think we all have tried this. Avon even tells you to do it. But spending your hard earned money on Avon products in the hope that someone will notice them and ask you where they can get them has got to be the worst possible way to invest your marketing dollars. Avon is fine to buy and wear if you find something that you like, but purchasing additional Avon products as a way of marketing yourself to strangers is an investment in failure.

In all my time as an Avon Rep, I have never, EVER been asked, where I got that beautiful dress, what make-up I was wearing or what perfume I had on. Don’t get me wrong, I think that wearing new Avon products as you deliver your orders is a good idea. It definitely can increase your regular customers interest in products they may not have ordered otherwise—however as a way of marketing your Avon business this would be my last choice.

2. Tossing

If you’re looking for an easy way to waste time & lose more money than you earn, than tossing is for you! People usually think that catalog tossing is a good idea. Avon district managers and even on the Official Avon forum they say that you can expect to get 1 customer for every 100 brochures that you toss. In my experience, this is not reality. I spent nearly $100 tossing—zero calls. Well, maybe one call… if you count the call I got from the post office ordering me to immediately stop placing brochures in mailboxes or I would be charged the postage to mail them…

So lets think about this, for $19 plus the time spent putting my name and telephone number on each brochure and the time spend putting 100 brochures on doorsteps, I can expect 1 customer. That customer would have to purchase $100 dollars of product for you to make your twenty dollars back and just break even. Spending $19 every campaign is $38 a month, there are many smarter ways to spend a bi-weekly $19 dollar charge without all the extra work involved in actually having to toss catalogs.

Ok , of course there is the chance that you’ll land an Avon lover, and they’ll sign friends up, and purchase hundreds of dollars worth of product from you—but that chance exists for any method of marketing Avon, so take it from me and toss tossing—save the trees and save yourself the time, energy and money.

1. Stocking Avon Products

This is DEFINATLEY the WORST possible way to investment your money into an Avon business. I went to an Avon meeting and they pushed us all so hard to stock Avon products. They said your customers might need the products quickly, and when that didn’t work they said, when you purchase the products at our discount, you can re-sell them for any price!

Bottom line, Avon wants you to stock items because it’s one less product they have to sell. It immediately becomes your problem. I have a collection of Items I was tricked into buying and others that I received free during Avon meetings—I have a sale basket that I bring with me every time I drop off orders, inside are products at a DEEP discount (ridiculously cheap) and they still don’t sell! If they were interested in these products they would have ordered them to begin with, you would think a discount would make them more interested—but honestly the only discount that would sell these things would be 90% off.

The basket would have to say, “EVERYTHING .99 Cents!” at that point I’m losing money, for what? I would rather use the products myself than lose money for no reason, but that’s not a solution—I purchase the specific products that I want—I don’t need excess inventory, when that money could still be in my pocket. That’s the way people expect to purchase Avon anyway and if they need it immediately, they can order it online from my shop and receive it quickly with free shipping.

Another thing that bothers me a lot is that my apartment gets really cluttered with all this extra Avon stuff. I almost need an extra office room for all my Avon stuff. And who has an extra room to spare?

I just started giving them away for free to my best costumers—at first I tried to have raffles for the basket—that didn’t work—at least I can reward my faithful clients with free products, and when I sign up reps I can give them some free product—it makes the $10 sign-up fee seem easier to swallow, and gets them excited about Avon.

I have read a lot of sad stories about representative’s getting into major debt and finally quitting and calling Avon a scam because they made the mistake of having stock. Avon’s not a scam, but you have to use business sense when running your Avon “business” and it doesn’t make sense to spend money before you make it if you don’t have to. Keep your overhead low and you’ll be much closer to actually turning a profit from Avon. Don’t spend your profits on nonsense and keep track of everything you spend on building your business—it’s the only way you can be sure that you’re actually earning money from your Avon business.

I know there are reasons that people keep Avon stock, But for me, no matter how successful I am, no matter how big my customer base is, I am not going to purchase anymore stock, It’s just not worth it.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cosmetics Corner Forum Update!

Hey Everybody,

I updated the forum “Cosmetics Corner”. It is now available under the web address

I updated the design and added a new section where you can view and review pictures of tools and products from Avon and or Mark. Also, there are a lot of new features, like attaching files and more. So come by and check it out! :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Duty for under my arms?

Would you spread “Duty” under your arms to smell better?

...Well I did

I’d never used a roll-on deodorant before. I don’t really have anything against them, but to me the thought of rolling sloppy wet balls under my arms as I get dressed just sounds a bit to sloppy… and kinky, for me.

I mostly use sprays and solids—and most of the time I don’t even smell that horrible-haha.

Two weeks ago I had excess inventory of an Avon deodorant called “On Duty”. I can’t help but think that Doodie (Duty) is a very unusual name for a deodorant, like I would never want someone to tell me I smelled like Doodie. Even if it is, Avon doodie.

Well, we own a few investment properties and have been doing some renovating and landscaping, my husband and I are busting our butts on the daily the last few weeks. I figured the best time to test out this Avon deodorant would be now, while working OUTSIDE in FLORIDA—UGH! If there was ever a situation where the quality of a deodorant could be tested this is it.

I was actually surprised that the wet rolling ball under my arm wasn’t actually as disgusting as I had expected it to be. It dried fast and just like the package says, it had no scent. However, I have to say, that hasn’t stopped my husband from teasing me about it all week,

“Hey honey, you smell good! What are you wearing? Doodie?”

Yeah, we’re pretty immature, but who calls a product that is supposed to make you NOT smell bad, a word that sounds just like something that smells bad?

Anyway, after a week of daily use, OnDuty has kept me fresh and completely unworried. Even after working in the yard, pulling weeds and mulching all afternoon I still don’t smell like doodie.

Honestly, I have to say I’m really impressed with this product. Anyone that uses roll-on deodorant should totally give this product a try, If it worked for me in the seering Florida sun, I’m sure, you will be satisfied—and you won’t end up smelling like, Duty!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Spectra Color Lipstick discontinued?

Spectra Color Lipstick discontinued?

No not really!

Avon must have made a mistake, because I can order them for you for just $4.75!!! What a deal!! If you are interested in getting one of Americas favorite Lipstick simply contact me:

The colors available are

The Pinks

The Roses (my Favorite)

The Berrie

The Lilac

he Peach

The Raisin

The Wines

The Nudes

The Browns