Sunday, August 2, 2009

Increase your Sign-ups & Sales Every Time You Go Out With New Avon Marketing Shirts and Bags Available at My Store

Hey everybody,

If there’s one thing that I have noticed during my time as an Avon representative, it’s that when I’m wearing my Avon buttons and shirts I don’t even have to try and people come right up to me and ask for a brochure or to sign-up. I also realized during my shirt & bag searches that there is a huge lack of places to get Avon marketing supplies besides the actual Avon website—and they only sell paper bags!
I have created a new shop that has everything you need to market yourself as an Avon rep while shopping, eating ice cream—whatever!

I’ve done my best to keep the prices as low as possible, however I couldn’t help but make some more expensive designs for myself.
Check them out!

$9.99 for ANY color!

$16.99 for ANY color!

$14.99 for this bag!

Go ahead and browse my Avon shop, I think you’ll find something you like.
I also decided to accept shirt requests from everybody – Just send me an email of what you’d like to see and I’ll do what I can to make it happen!

Send your emails to

I hope I can help everyone get more customers, and remember when you’re wearing my shirts or holding my bags, to have some extra catalogs for the extra customers you’re bound to meet!
Thank you

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