Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Testing on Animals? Not at AVON

Help Find Someone’s

Missing Pet

If you asked anyone that knows me, the first thing they’d say is that I love all kinds of animals.

I grew up with many different animals because my father had a soft heart and whenever I wanted one I got one—hehe. But I would have to say that my favorite pet is a dog.

I have been researching recently to see what I can do to help unfortunate animals—I’ve considered volunteering at an animal shelter or trying to become an agent for the SPCA. Although I like to think about helping the animals, I’m not so sure that I would be able to handle the cruelty to animals that I would witness on a daily basis.

Yesterday I was looking for some information about how to help animals and I found a website I would like to share:

It broke my heart when I read what those people are going thru. This is about lost pets and people that search for their loved ones. Please check this website out, maybe you’ll recognize someone’s pet and be able to reunite them. I can only imagine how horrible it must feel like to lose your pet and not know where it is—or if it’s ok.

Donate a Click, Save a Life

This is for people that want to help out, but don’t have the money to donate.

Check out:

This has an advertisement button that earns them money every time you click it—All the money used to feed animals in need—I’ve been clicking it every day for months.

I subscribed to it, so I get an email reminder every day--this can be pretty annoying, but I try to remember that I’m helping animals that need it.

To Make things easier and to show my support, I added the button to my blog so anyone who reads this and wants to, can donate food by clicking; it costs you nothing and can make a real difference in an animal’s life. It’s located on the right hand site.

Avon and Animals

I am proud to sell Mark and Avon make-up because they do not test their products on animals. If they did I would never consider promoting their products.

Here is a picture of my cutie puppy. Her name is Heidi and she’s a Border collie mix.

I plan on having some projects to help animals in the near future and I hope that you are willing to help some animals in need.

Have a wonderful day.

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