Saturday, September 26, 2009

Duty for under my arms?

Would you spread “Duty” under your arms to smell better?

...Well I did

I’d never used a roll-on deodorant before. I don’t really have anything against them, but to me the thought of rolling sloppy wet balls under my arms as I get dressed just sounds a bit to sloppy… and kinky, for me.

I mostly use sprays and solids—and most of the time I don’t even smell that horrible-haha.

Two weeks ago I had excess inventory of an Avon deodorant called “On Duty”. I can’t help but think that Doodie (Duty) is a very unusual name for a deodorant, like I would never want someone to tell me I smelled like Doodie. Even if it is, Avon doodie.

Well, we own a few investment properties and have been doing some renovating and landscaping, my husband and I are busting our butts on the daily the last few weeks. I figured the best time to test out this Avon deodorant would be now, while working OUTSIDE in FLORIDA—UGH! If there was ever a situation where the quality of a deodorant could be tested this is it.

I was actually surprised that the wet rolling ball under my arm wasn’t actually as disgusting as I had expected it to be. It dried fast and just like the package says, it had no scent. However, I have to say, that hasn’t stopped my husband from teasing me about it all week,

“Hey honey, you smell good! What are you wearing? Doodie?”

Yeah, we’re pretty immature, but who calls a product that is supposed to make you NOT smell bad, a word that sounds just like something that smells bad?

Anyway, after a week of daily use, OnDuty has kept me fresh and completely unworried. Even after working in the yard, pulling weeds and mulching all afternoon I still don’t smell like doodie.

Honestly, I have to say I’m really impressed with this product. Anyone that uses roll-on deodorant should totally give this product a try, If it worked for me in the seering Florida sun, I’m sure, you will be satisfied—and you won’t end up smelling like, Duty!


  1. I have a lot of customers that love all of the Avon deodorants. They do have quite a variety and their prices are very reasonable considering how expensive other deodorants are.

  2. I have a customer who has very, very sensitive skin and he orders a case whenever they go on sale for .99. He loves this stuff.

  3. That is awesome. The fact that you act "immature" reminds me of my husband and my relationship. If you can't laugh at yourself or each other, who can you laugh at?

    I sell Avon, and I started wearing this stuff because I developed an allergic reaction to the Suave one I'd been wearing for over 10 years. Turns out they changed the formula. So far, I've had success with my Doodie one :-P

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