Sunday, July 24, 2011

Avon Tools Part I

College break is coming soon and I figured to make up for my absence I would give you a little treat for the next few weeks until I can actually dedicate my time to writing my beloved blog. Anyway, I have included a link where you can download some of my favorite print-outs for your Avon business.

Some I made, some I found on websites.

Here is a list:

-Labels--perfect for labeling your catalogs. They are formatted for the “Avery Easy Peel White address Labels” that are available at Wal-Mart.

-A variety of different coupons

-Avon Dollars

-The Anew Shopper Card

I hope it will help you with your business and that it gets you some happy costumers. I have a lot of projects planned which include a scanned copy of the Avon Beauty Book:Face, and I will keep updating this blog once I have off from college.

PS: Once you clicked the link make sure you click the right download button and not one of the advertisements.

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  1. I love Avon products. My friend sells them. I was thinking about starting the business too - how long have you been doing it for. This is my friends website Thanks for your help, May.