Wednesday, July 8, 2009

NATURALS Banana & Coconut Milk Shower Gel

In case you haven’t noticed, this time I didn’t make my own photo. This time I’m not actually writing about the product, instead I have more to say about this type of product packaging.

I mean seriously, what the hell is this?

A fancy pirate’s hand?

When I saw my first Avon brochure it had a product with this kind of packaging right on the front cover and my first thought was, “what am I supposed to do with that?” What exactly is that packagings suppose to do? The only possible thing that I can think of is that you hang it on your shower curtain. But, why would you do that? It would look so ugly in your bathroom, and does it even stay on? It looks like it would fall off every time you even thought about touching it. If you’re not supposed to put it on the shower curtain rod, then where should I put it? On the shower knobs? There’s only one kind of knob it would even work on (not the kind I have) and even then, it would get in the way when you tried to turn the water on and off, and more than likely fall off every time you adjusted the water.

Such an ugly packaging for what I am sure is a fine product. Just for the record, I didn’t even order this product because it’s so ugly. To tell you the truth, I don’t even want to buy it. Its just so horrific looking—it looks like something that an Avon serial killer would hunt you down with after they saw what you did last summer…

Eh, I just wanted to ramble my opinion about the packaging. Maybe I will try it out someday and be blown away at its amazing functionality—we’ll see. I’d probably hide it under the sink and only take it out when I showered.

I’m not sure if I’m missing something, does anyone out there actually hang these bottles? I don’t know, I’d like it to be a pretty looking bottle more than a multi-function Swiss army knife shower gel hang bottle; they might as well make the bottle with a built-in fold-out scrub brush or a flashlight on the side.

Anyway what do you guys think? I know this review was short, I’ll write more next time.

Have a great night,



  1. Yes, I do hang these products. I really liked that they didn't take up more shelf space in my shower. We have a hanging shower caddy that hangs over the shower head where we put shampoo, soap, razors, etc., and these things fit and hung on one of the hangers. It worked for me. :)

  2. haha, I think it's weird looking, but not THAT bad!! I think the point of it is that you can hang it on the actual shower head thingy, inside the shower, so the only people seeing it would be those showering. And then you get all wet... reach up, and there's your shower gel! You can just leave it hanging and open the cap to get some, but it might get messy or fall off when you try to close the cap... But anyway, it's easy access. My dad used to hang his shower gel on the shower head where it comes out from the wall, so... possibly that's the point of it! Still not very appealing to look at, I guess.