Saturday, July 4, 2009

7 Lipsticks for $9.50, Sounds great right?

Well, now you can have it.

The SpectraColor Lipstick new from Avon has 7 lip colors in one lipstick

When I saw it, I had to have it. I bought the colors called, “The Roses “. They have 10 different color sets, but for my Skin tone “The Roses” looked like it would be the best choice.

The actual lipstick design is prettier than you’d think a 7-in-1 lipstick would be—However it’s also bigger than I expected it to be. I understood it was 7 colors, but I didn’t realize it was 7 pounds of plastic too—at least it looks nice—enormously nice!

But enough about the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that matters, right? Well, this lipstick feels very smooth on my lips, it feels great. And it’s very shiny--I love shiny lipstick. The one negative thing about the smoothness is that it almost seems like water. It felt as if it would drip off of my lips as I put it on. But it dried quickly, but it still felt nice and smooth on my lips. The colors are great but don’t expect them to be as bright and popping as in the photos from the Avon catalogue—but maybe it was just my color choice.

It smells good and it tasted good when I accidently pushed it in my mouth.

A big problem I had with this lipstick is the applicator. It’s hard plastic and makes it hard to blend the two different colors coming out of it to get one of the 7 shades. I recommend using a lip brush to apply this lipstick so that you are able to mix and blend the colors better. The plastic feels cold and uncomfortable on my lips and it got really messy because the hard plastic tip is pushing the lipstick around, and you end up having to clean the applicator after every use--It’s pretty ridiculous actually.

Oh yeah one last thing, I was shopping at Walgreens recently and I saw that there’s a similar lipstick from

L'Oreal the HiP (High Intensity Pigments) Color Presso—I’ve included a picture of the very cheap and very ugly looking competition. Not only is it uglier than the Avon one, It’s also 3 dollars more. I don’t know if L’Oreal had this product first or Avon, but at least Avon put some more thought into it.

Overall the Avon SpectraColor Lipstick is ok and all things considered, worth the money--7 colors for less than 10 bucks is a good price. The colors are decent and the lipstick is smooth and really glossy. But the design still needs some thought. But I’d still recommend it to try out some colors you might not buy otherwise.

Hope this helps,

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