Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ZOMG Green Glimmer

Today I am going to review two products at once because they are kinda go together…

First off, I love the color green—it’s such a fresh and fun color--So, I decided to get myself green eyeliner and green eye shadow. I choose the Precision Glimmer Eye Liner in Olive for $3.49 (in photo on right side) and the Precision Glimmer Powder Eye Shadow for $4.99 Also, in Olive. (on the left)

I am going to start with the eyeliner. It’s very easy to apply because of the Felt-tip applicator and it hasn’t smeared so far—which is a miracle for me. It goes on smooth and the color is bright with a little touch of glitter that makes it fun. It’s lasted all day and still looks great. The only downside I can really say about it is I had to put 2 coats on to get the color I was looking for and it took a little longer to dry then I expected. But, all things considered I would say this is a great addition to my make-up case.

About the eye shadow I have to admit when I first saw the eye shadow I was shocked at how small it was. I actually had to go back and check the catalog to see how big it looked there and it ended up it was shown actual size in the catalog—I didn’t expect that, but it’s not that big a deal.

The applicator is awesome and made applying it fast and easy. It went on smooth and it blended very well. It’s also crease-proof, so even after a full day it doesn’t look bad. I do have to say the same thing about the eye shadow that I said about the eye liner, I had to put a few coats to get the bright green I was looking for. But the result was a shiny and glittery look that went great with the eyeliner—they complement each other perfectly and look great. Despite the small bottle and the multiple coats necessary to get the desired effect, I am still satisfied with the overall quality of the product and would recommend them if you’re looking for a fun new color to try out.

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