Monday, June 15, 2009


Once upon a time, I was bored and thinking of what I could do to help my business grow. Then it hit me, “I can buy some Avon!”—That way, I can advertise my business as I wear it.

As I was looking thru Avon’s Campaign 14 Brochure looking for some FANCY accessories I found this adorable orange watch, it’s called the “BRIGHT BANGLE WATCH” I immediately ordered it and could not wait for the day of delivery.

2-weeks later, I received my order. I was so excited to finally wear my new fancy watch and advertise my business to everyone who sees it. I tore open the package like a kid at Christmas and there it was! …the shittiest watch I ever saw--$19.99 worth of junk.

The watch looks really, really cheap. Like something you would give a 6 year old girl as a toy. However the band is One-Size-Fits-All and it’s made for a construction workers wrist. My husband put it on and it fit him properly—it looked better on him than me! Besides not fitting any woman’s wrist, the cheap plastic is very uncomfortable—hard with sharp edges that hurt your wrist as it wiggles and bangs into your skin.

The actual watch face is horrendous. It looks cheaper than you would ever expect a $20 dollar watch to look. The font they use for the numbers is basic plain and without even the slightest touch of style—it makes the watch look like a 99-cent store product.

Overall it looks like crap and in my opinion is not worth $19.99. I’ll be returning it as soon as humanly possible, I guess this wasn’t the best choice for growing my business, This watch may make people talk to me, but only because my wrists are bleeding and I look like a 6 year old trying to dress like mommy. Well that’s what I think, sorry if I offend anyone that likes that ugly watch.

by Lara


  1. I agree...
    I ordered three watches for my customers on the last campaign. A Smurfette watch was so cute but when it arrived the face was huge- not so cute, it looked like an adult man's watch. The new sports watches with New England patriots and the pink Boston Red Sox watches. they are both woman's watches and they are huge too! The face looks like a mans watch. I don't know if my customers will ever wear them.

    Avon my 365 day journey

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